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Hi, my name is Phil Poland. I've been in Forex Trading for over five years and literally spent over ten thousands buying various Forex systems.

Forex Robot is a big trend these days among the Forex community. The robot presents a HUGE opportunity to make money and capitalize on the failing economy. Whether you have a large amount of money or not, it has emerged as a major revenue stream for tens of thousands of people!

But beware of how you approach this opportunity...

There are few hundreds EAs available in the market... plenty of hype too, influenced demo testing and promises have been made by the developers...

Forex Robots Revealed  
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Forex Robots Revealed 

To be honest with you, most of them are bad, scams or just a duplicate copy with slight changes from other profitable EAs. Some of the developers are just the average Joe who knows nothing about Forex and just wants to make a quick buck selling some B.S. Forex robot....

Hence, selecting the quality robot can be a daunting task. Here are the few EAs you may had heard about...

Fap Turbo Forex Boomerang Forex AutoPilot Forex Roboteer FRED Forex Killer Forex Tracer
PipZu Forex Detector Forex Funnel Forex Hitter Pips Leader Forex Raptor Forex AutoRun

All of them claim that you just need to push a button and cash automatically filled your trading account.

Come On... Nothing Can be that Easy and Make Money, Right?

Well, Yes and no. You can make a lot of money but you can also loose a lot of money as well. It's all depend on how you trade them and the rules coded into the robots.

As I said previously, proceed with caution. You have to choose the right one to use.

When I first started researching and using these different EAs, I noticed something startling. ONLY FEW SHOWED ME PROOF THAT THEY WORK!

Don't buy any Forex Robot unless it meets these 4 criteria...

There are 4 main criteria that make the robot a good robot:

1. Backtested

Most vendors will sell you their Forex robot based on successful backtesting. Backtesting is important as it shows us that the robot can potentially profit on live trading. However, you shouldn't just focus on backtested result and it does not guarantee a successful forward trading.

Why? Because the backtester can ignore market conditions. In live trading, you might see the gap in price during a news announcement and market spikes. You may also see the big spread between bid and ask prices of the currency pairs which may affect your trade due to excess slippage.

2. Forward Live Trading

The obsolute best proof is live trading. Not many robot vendor use live trading to support their claim that their robot is the real thing. By looking at the live trading account, you can see how accurately is the backtested report of that robot.

3. Money Management

No matter how well a Forex robot seems to be live trading or backtesting, we can never know what the future result will be. Hence, we must employ adequate safeguards - sound money management rules. This is the KEY to successful LONG TERM wealth building via Forex trading.

4. Low Drawdown

Drawdown represents the total percentage loss experienced by a strategy before it starts winning again... and drives the investment balance back up.

Taking drawdown into consideration, you can judge just how risky these automated strategies are. You will see some out there that have a 40% or even higher drawdown in their reports. With those kinds of odds, you better have one heck of a strategy to back up that high of a risk level.

A good robot should be below 15% drawdown, which means you have an expert advisor backed by a rock solid strategy that would take an absolute miracle to bankrupt an account.

These are the 4 important criteria you should focus on when making your decision for the Forex robot.

In overall, I genuinely only need the fingers of one hand to count how many truly good Forex
robots there are in the marketplace right now and at the top of our list are...

NOTE: These guys spend a lot of time, effort and money in order to produce top notch Forex robots. I have tested that it is working and also make sure they are the genuine developers that provide good support and not just a copy from another profitable EAs.  


FapturboFAPTURBO is one of the few robot that meet the above stated criteria. They even show you their live trading result that updated every 15min!

There are so much hype about this robot but it does really work! More than 55,000 people worldwide trade with fapturbo and make millions in combined earnings every day...

FAPTURBO has 2 built-in strategies:

1. Short Term Scalping Strategy

2. Long Term Advanced FAP strategy

Each strategy is designed for its own timeframe & currency pairs. For example Long term strategy works only on EURUSD M1. The scalping short term strategy works on 4 pairs: EURGBP, GBPCHF, EURCHF & USDCAD, M15 Timeframe.

Both strategies are built inside one FAPTURBO expert advisor and can be switched on and off easily. Each strategy uses its own designed timeframe and currencies so be sure you use the strategy on proper currency pair and timeframe. You will find full details on each strategy and its parameters in the FAPTURBO Guide and Video Tutorials.

The reasons FapTurbo is rated #1 versus others because

  • It is profitable! The Short Term Scalping Strategy works extremely well for EURGBP and EURCHF.
  • They have a very active support forum that provide you with up-to-date information. Furthermore, you will find this platform extremely helpful to share trading experience among other users in the world. No other Forex Robots that I know provides such a platform for their users.
  • The developers release updates regularly to make sure FAPTURBO is always up-to-date to accomodate modern market conditions. All updates are FREE for members!
  • The EAs variables are adjustable for the most seasoned trader to make Fapturbo better and stronger!
  • It come with 60-day Money Back Guarantee. You can ask for refund within 60 days if you find it not profitable.

FapTurbo Expert GuideClick here to read more about FAPTURBO!

PS. Anyone can do well with FAP Turbo, but if you're serious about breaking the bank then this Ultimate FAPTurbo Expert guide is exactly what you need! Click here to check it out.

LATEST UPDATE: The New Fapturbo Ichimoku is available for all Fapturbo users. You need to own the FapTurbo license in order to trade with FapTurbo Ichimoku.

#2 Forex MegaDroid

Forex MegaDroidForex MegaDroid is the first Forex robot to use state of the art built-in Artificial Intelligence Technology as well as a next generation Market Timing Algorithm.

John Grace and Albert Perrie, a combined 38 years of Forex trading experience, have produced the unthinkable: a Forex robot that sees into the immediate future (2-4 hours) with 95.82% Accuracy.

They call their new invention RCTPA = Reverse Correlated Time And Price Analysis.

This is the first robot that uses a new technology and strategy that places trades looking into the future with accuracy rather than into the past with hope (like all current robots do).

This new robot has turned every dollar on deposit from January 1st 2009 to over $3 to date. That's impressive and only possible by employing new technology and trading concepts.

How can it "see into the future" with a 95.82% accuracy rate?

It is possibly to accurately see future market behavior with such degree of accuracy rate only if you are aiming at a short period of time, i.e. 2-4 hours forward.

This 2-4 hour window is all the robot need. Forex MegaDroid bases all its strategy in very short time frames. It is a scalper rather than a day or medium term trader.

RCTPA and the integration of advanced Artificial Intelligence has allowed this robot to push the boundaries further than any industry expert has ever thought possible.

Furthermore, Forex MegaDroid has a unique built-in mechanism that allows it to be undetected by Forex Brokers. Some unscrupulous Forex brokers will raise the spread on the currency pair you are trading during specific hours the robot trades (making the robot not profitable anymore). With this “Broker Buster” mechanism, no Forex Broker in the world will ever know you are trading with Forex MegaDroid, no Forex Broker will ever be able to stop Forex MegaDroid from at least quadrupling every dollar you deposit!

With these features, combined with a rock solid core strategy, Forex MegaDroid has brought a whole new level of reliability and low risk to Forex robot.

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PS. There is an interesting advanced MegaDroid tactics released by Berjamin. Click here to check it out.

Forex MegaDroid vs FAPTurbo

Both Forex MegaDroid and FAPTurbo is a scalper, that aim to do one single thing:

Find very good risk/reward opportunities within the 24 hour trading session and “grab” a small number of pips (generally, not more than 10 pips).

However, they are geared towards different types of traders.

  • Forex Megadroid is well suited to the trader who does not mind less action in order to wait for those very accurate and safe trading opportunities.
  • FapTurbo is geared towards the more aggressive trader who wants to see more action on his or her account (since it trades almost every night).

Forex MegaDroid is designed to trade EUR/USD with H1 timeframe. Many traders trade it along with FapTurbo as their Scalper does not trade EUR/USD.

They simply complement each other very well!

There are tactics to increase the frequency of trading for Forex MegaDroid. Find out more details here.

#3 Forex Bullet Proof

Forex Bullet ProofThe Forex Bullet Proof is a robot designed by some very well known forex market traders – the team that brought Forex Killer, Forex Autopilot, FAPTurbo, And FAPTurbo Evolution.

There are a lot of hype about Forex Bullet Proof robot. The hype come from a few of the incredible highlights:

... averaged a 5% monthly gain for the last 6 years
... Over 4000 lines of code make up this robot, while the average EA has just 409 lines!
... the first commercially available Forex Robot to be coded for Strategy Trader – the latest trading platform from FXCM!

Anyway, due to the good reputation of the FAPTurbo guy, it’s worth our time to take note about this robot.

The Forex Bullet Proof package includes a the basic robot and a couple of additional products.

The basic robot trades using an optimal trading strategy that incorporates a low risk strategy to offer a safe base to build on. For those traders who don’t have a high tolerance for risk it is best to stick with this strategy.

The robot does use progressive lot sizing which means increasing lot sizes after losing trades. However, this is limited and safeguards are used to stop the trading sizes becoming dangerously large.

I’m pleasantly surprised by the very few settings that need to be managed. There are quite a few settings that might need to be adjusted or tweaked slightly. For those who are intimidated by a lot of settings this will be a welcoming experience indeed.

Forex Bullet Proof is a very easy robot to operate … it just works right out of the box.

Click here for more details now.

Forex VPSForex Robots need to be trading 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, using your computer resources. Interruptions in the work of the robots may result in missed trading opportunities or money lost.

If you're serious about Forex Robot trading, you need a Virtual Private Server (VPS). The developers at FapTurbo recommend Forex Hoster and EZ Forex Host. There are plenty of unhappy traders with Forex Hoster due to their bad service support.

I found one provider – Forex VPS and quite happy with them so far. The service only cost you US$35 per month. Much lower than the folk at Fapturbo recommended!

Click here for more details of their plan.


Fap Turbo

Forex MegaDroid

Forex Bullet Proof

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